Pit bull is the common name for a type of dog descended from bulldogs and terriers. The pit bull-type is particularly ambiguous, as it encompasses a range of pedigree breeds, informal types and appearances that cannot be reliably identified.

Lifespan: American Pit Bull Terrier: 8 – 15 years, American Staffordshire Terrier: 12 – 16 years

Height: American Pit Bull Terrier: 45 – 53 cm,

Mass: American Pit Bull Terrier: 16 – 30 kg, Staffordshire Bull Terrier: 13 – 17 kg

The protective and fearless Pit Bull is noted for its playful temperament and friendly nature. The Pit Bull is also athletic, and has a strong desire to please people. The Pit Bull breed has a high prey drive due to its being bred to chase and subdue livestock.

The Pit Bull is a strong, muscular dog, with good skeletal formation, but nonetheless faces some serious health concerns. The breed is generally healthy, but can have problems with hip dysplasia, cataracts, and heart disease. This dog usually lives from 11 to 13 years.

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